Orlando Pirates fans still not yet punished

Orlando Pirates fans who vandalised the Loftus Versfeld Stadium are still walking down the streets unpunished as the PSL is dragging the matter in a manner that is surprising. Pirates fans were identified during the raid but nothing has been done so far and that has raised a lot of concerns from South African football authorities as they feel justice should have been done by now.

Orlando Pirates fans who invaded the pitch during their 6 to 0 dubbing by Sundowns are deep in trouble as most of them are going to be identified from the cameras that were used at the stadium. The match was stopped as the fans started throwing tantrums around the stadium and ended up entering the playing field.

The PLS has indicated that for such behaviors they are going to be very tough going forward and the time to make sure things are fixed before it gets out of hand with other teams. South African football would never be the same again with this kind of hooliganism.

What happened last week at the Loftus Versveld Stadium is something that will pull some fans away from the stadium and that is not what the PSL and sponsors are willing for. We need fans to come to stadiums and watch football not the other way.

Orlando Pirates fans should not be proud of what happened at the Loftus stadium and should be ashamed of themselves. The two teams are the only teams in the Southern African region with a win in the Champions league and for one of the teams to do what they did is unacceptable.

The match had to be stopped in the 82nd minute by referee Daniel Bennett to clear the pitch and make sure player and league officials were safe. The first time in South African football were sponsors are pumping in a lot of money for the teams to make sure they play football at their highest standards.

The statement by the PSL read as follows: The Premier Soccer League PSL) strongly condemns acts of hooliganism by some of the fans at the Mamelodi Sundowns vs Orlando Pirates match at Loftus Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

The League apologizes to all the supporters and stakeholders and those who were at the Stadium and also those watching on Television, everyone who was inconvenienced by what happened in the night. Such behaviour at our Stadiums is bad advert for our football. Following a meeting between the VOC Commander, the Match Commissioner and the two clubs, and after carefully assessing the situation, a decision was taken to resume play from the 82nd minute.

The Premier Soccer League is awaiting reports from various stakeholders on what transpired on Saturday afternoon. The reports will be used to stop each and every one who seemed to be damaging the stadium property and this only means some fans are going to be banned or jailed accordingly due to their actions.

The stadium property was also vandalized by fans and the stadium management will need answers and proper reports from the PSL as soon as everything is ready. The next thing some football games might not be allowed at Loftus stadium and it will not be good for South African football. The stadium is used mainly for rugby and football is allowed when there are big games like the one on Saturday.

We are also pleading with all fans to go to the stadium to entertain themselves with great South African football and to just forget about other distracting thoughts. South Africa is respected in the football world due to its commitment when it comes to getting involved with all football activities in the world so vandalising stadiums should be dealt with accordingly by the PSL

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