South Africa’s best football commentators and presenters

South African football has seen a lot of top class presenters and commentators who are true entertainers of the beautiful game. There are a lot of TV commentators and presenters around the country. Listening to them while the game is on is like watching it live at the stadium. Let us discuss a few top ones from a number of talented presenters and commentators in the country.

TV Commentators and presenters

Mark Glasson

Mark has been in football for over 20 years and he has all the knowledge of the game from grass roots to the Premier Soccer League. You can take him and give him a match from the ABC Motsepe League and you will feel like he is one of the people who organized everything in the league from players, match officials and team managements. Mark is one of the top class commentators in South African football and his voice has been used in a number of sports advertisements in South Africa and other African countries and currently working at SABC Sports.

Robert Marawa

Robert is one of the best presenters of football in South Africa. He has a sports show on Metro FM which deals with all sports but mainly football where he interviews a lot of famous football players from the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo to Lionel Messi. Robert is currently working for Supersport and on radio he is still under SABC. He is the first presenter to work rivals SABC and Supersport at the same time. This shows how great and talented the man is.

Robert is famously known to ask quality and difficult questions to all top officials in football. He does not care whether he is interviewing Dr. Irvin Khoza of Sepp Blatter, he will ask all questions and if he is not happy about the answer he will tell them his question was not answered. He has had a number of fallouts with football officials as he requires relevant answers for questions he asked them and some even boycotted to be interviewed by him.

Thomas Mlambo

Thomas has also worked for Supersport before moving to SABC a few years ago. He is very knowledgeable in the game and currently the anchor of SABC Sports especially when it comes to football. He also hosts SoccerZone at SABC1 on Mondays and also present Sport@10 on SABC 1 on Wednesdays. Thomas has not played the game professionally but is one of the top presenters who understands football more than most of the presenters who played the game. Without him the SABC would never be the same.

Walter Mokoena

Walter is currently back at SABC Sports after being dismissed a few years ago for violating the SABC rules. He is one of the top class presenters for the national broadcaster. He is also knowledgeable when it comes to football matters and has been around for a long time. He is one of the presenters who attracts a lot of viewers for SABC Sports and that is one of the reasons he was awarded his job back. When on air, he has all the energy needed to keep viewers happy.

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