Former Bafana Bafana coach still clubless after being sacked by SAFA

Former Bafana Bafana coach Shakes Mashaba is still looking for a team or national team to coach after he was sacked by SAFA.

Former Bafana Bafana coach’s daughter, Nonhlanhla, was the most affected when it was announced that her father was being sacked from his job as the coach of the men’s senior team Bafana Bafana. She said her feelings about SAFA after the ordeal and was lashing out at them for sacking her father.

It was confirmed later in December 2016 that the 66-year-old would no longer carry on in his role as head coach of Bafana Bafana after an incident following the win over Senegal, and his daughter isn’t impressed by SAFA’s decision. She was not expecting such a treatment to her father who was doing well in the campaign leading to 2018 World Cup in Russia.

She felt that her father was disrespected by SAFA as he had contributed a lot in the history of South African football and the development structures. She said on her Facebook account that the officials are not good at all as they failed to honour her father.

This is what she said, “I still wait for the day when the South African Football Association will honour one of the soccer giants of our beloved country. If not him then who should be honoured”.

She continued “You are the ONLY legend who was a coach of a team while being captain of the team at the very same time [during his time with Orlando Pirates] and went on to win a Cup Final in your hay days!!!. You are the longest serving coach at SAFA with the best and unbeaten record!!! And you have done exceptionally well with the junior national teams!!! And you have pushed development in this country. What more was expected from you”.

Shakes Mashaba is the first coach to beat Brazil in an official game during the Olympic Games in Sydney Australia back in year 2000 when the likes of Mathew Booth, Daniel Matsau, and the rest of others were part of the winning team. It was the first time a South African team and coach won a match against Brazil football team.

He also won the Cosafa Cup three times during his tenure as the coach of Bafana Bafana. Indeed Shakes did much for the country but was it necessary for him to throw tantrums at SAFA officials after a win against Senegal in a World Cup qualifier that was played in Polokwane?

The world was watching the match and it came as a shock to a lot of people and they enquired at SAFA of the proceedings after the game in Polokwane. Little did they know that the old man was not happy with his bosses? Was Mashaba sacked for the incident or something else?

Mashaba’s daughter did not see anything wrong with what her father did on national TV. She indicated that her father was just indicating that with help and trust to each other it would be easy to win such important games. She also said that her father is an old man not a young man and people should understand that the older they get the more accusing and explaining they are.

Mashaba’s daughter was very angry when her father was sacked by the national football association last year.

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