No more Swallows in South African top flight football

Moroka Swallows FC is no longer one of the teams playing football in South Africa’s top flight football. The team is now playing in the lower leagues and there is no sign the team might purchase a status in the NFD of the PSL. The team’s fans are worried as they can’t even get updates of how their team is doing in the lower leagues.

Moroka Swallows is one of the oldest team in the history of South African soccer. The team was formed in Soweto in 1947 which makes it the rival to another team that was formed in Soweto in 1937, Orlando Pirates. The original derby is between Orlando Pirates and Moroka Swallows, not the recent much talked about Soweto derby between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs.

Swallows has been playing in the Premier Soccer League until the team was relegated to the national First Division (NFD) in the 2014/2015 season. Since the team was relegated, things have gone from bad to worse as Moroka Swallows was also relegated from the NFD at the end of the 2015/2016. This was a bad thing to happen to Moroka Swallows since the team was formed in 1947.

The team loyal supporters are blaming poor management by Leon Prins. They are indicating that since Leon Prins’ arrival at Swallows, the team never did well. The supporters are not happy that the team is still under the leadership of Leon Prins. It was speculated during the 2015/2016 season that the popular politician Mr Tokyo Sexwale was talking to Leon about buying Moroka Swallows, but up to so far nothing materialized.

No one can believe that Moroka Swallows is no longer playing professional soccer in South Africa. No one ever expected Swallows to be relegated from the NFD to the much lower league in South Africa. Now the team supporters are not sure what will happen next as Leon Prins is not even addressing them regarding new developments or plans to bring the team back to the elite league in South Africa where it belongs.

It is said that Leon Prins is the man who does not want to be advised regarding the administration of Moroka Swallows. A lot of people have been enquiring to join Swallows in order to help the team to regain its Premier Soccer League’s status, but word on the streets has it that Leon refused all the people to be part of Moroka Swallows.

It so painful to soccer supporters around the country to see Moroka Swallows drowning down the drain. Even the supporters of other opposition teams are worried about the Swallows situation. A lot has been said about chances for Swallows management to purchase one of a Premier Soccer league team’ status, but that has not materialized also. Supporters are wondering what will happen next but their only wish is for Moroka Swallows to be back in the top flight football in South Africa. Each and every day supporters are asking questions about their loved team, but no one is raising his hand to address the supporters.

It is sad to actually point this but it is currently the only correct situation that Moroka Swallows is no more. The team is dead, whether we like it or not but now the team is gone. People are wishing for a miracle to happen during the off-season, but it seems unlikely. Rumors that were spreading regarding the purchasing of Chippa United by Swallows management, seems like it was just a dream by a few supporters.  We can no longer say “up the birds”, we are forced to say “down the birds”.

In contrast, Swallows were relegated from the PSL to the NFD. It was also relegated from the NFD to the ABC Motsepe League. Recently the team which was once one of the big teams in the PSL was relegated from the ABC Motsepe to the Castle regional League. This sounds like the end of Swallows.

It seems Orlando Pirates will follow soon as the team is no longer the same. They failed to qualify for the top 8 position last season which meant that they did not participate in the MTN8 competition.

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