Orlando Pirates management still owing fans explanation why Edwin Gyimah left

Orlando Pirates fans are still wondering what might have tempted their former Ghanaian defender Edwin Gyimah to leave the team after a few months with the team. He was one of the best players who were always there for the team through thick and thin. He played as a defender and as a central midfielder. he was also part of the Ghana national team but the arrival of muhsin Ertugral changed everything.

The news that Edwin Gyimah has left the Orlando Pirates Football Club came in as a shock to many football supporters around the country and some cannot even believe he is no longer part of the Orlando Pirates team. There are a lot of reasons behind Edwin’s resignation and the decision he took was also fueled by the current situation at Orlando Pirates where the team is struggling to win and he has not been playing for a while for the team.

Edwin joined Pirates with high hopes of making it big in football and he was so excited to join a team respected all over the continent and he knew one day he would win a CAF trophy with the team but the dreams were shattered after the arrival of the Turkish coach Muhsin Ertugral.

Edwin has been part of the much talented Ghanaian national team known as ‘The Black Stars’ and his move to Orlando Pirates made it possible for him to retain his spot in the team although he did not play a single game in the 2017 AFCN in Gabon.

Here are some of the reasons that might have tempted Edwin to leave Pirates:

The fight he had with Muhsin Ertugral at the Cape Town International Airport is also part of the reason he let. After the incident, the Pirates management indicated that they were still following the story and they even called Muhsin Ertugral after his resignation to come and give his side of the story regarding the incident. Edwin and Muhsin had a very disappointing argument where Edwin felt like he was not treated well by the Turkish mentor.

The reasons for Pirates management to continue with the investigation after Muhsin’s resignation gave Edwin the feeling that the management were going to blame him for Muhsin’s resignation and the way the team is doing in the PSL. If they did not follow-up with the story he would not be leaving Pirates and he feels like if Muhsin is gone and they are still investigating, it only means he is to be blamed for the incident although both Muhsin and Edwin apologized a few days after the incident.

As he has not been playing regular football at Pirates because of chop and changing of coaches and the ongoing investigations, he feels it was not good for his national team spot and that could jeopardize his spot from now on and in future.

Pirates has signed the Nigerian defender James Okwuoso from Chippa United and that has increased the competition for foreign players in the team as they are limited on the field of play. For Pirates to sign another centre back while he was still part of the team was a sign that he was on his way out so that is also one of the reason he resigned.

He sensed that Pirates were going to terminate his contract after the investigations and for him to be dismissed was going to be a bad record going forward as it would get difficult for him to be signed by another team. The arrival of another international centre back fueled the whole decision making process for him to leave the Pirates team.

Now that the team is under a rebuilding phase, fans are asking if it might be possible for Edwin to return to Orlando Pirates as he is still needed to fill the gap he left.

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