Bafana legend’s troubles

Bafana Bafana legend Delron buckley has encountered a lot of downs in his football career over the years locally and in Europe. Delron played football in a number of countries in Europe and locally in South Africa where he enjoyed football in club level and the national team Bafana Bafana.

Delron played for Bafana Bafana in the AFCON and World Cup where he was one of the key players for South Africa. He also scored a lot of goals in club level and the national team with the most famous goals under Bafana Bafana in a match in Harare, Zimbabwe where he scored against the home side and went on to tease the fans who were very angry at him.

He played alongside players like Benni McCarthy and Quinton Fortune for South Africa. During his playing days he played as a left hand side midfielder and was very effective as he was too dangerous going forward. He provided teams he played for with a lot of options when coming to attacks and scoring opportunities.

His painful moments in his football career came when things were not going well for him. He was booed by supporters while playing for Borusia Dortmund in the German’s Bundesliga. The management of the team went on to defend him against bad Dortmund fans. It happened in a time where he needed full support from fans as he was not at his best and he knew he was not 100% fit to play for the Dortmund team.

The problem he encountered at Dortmund was very bad as the fans went on to say that Delron was the worst transfer ever made by Borussia Dortmund. A 9-year old fan asked why Delron was playing so bad compared to the last season, when he had scored 20-goals in a season. He had joined the Dortmund team from Bielefeld and the Dortmund team was a big team compared to Bielefeld.

During the same interview and meeting with the fans, his manager at Dortmund Michael Zorc, saw that the pressure was becoming too much and he intervened to take some of the questions. The situation was very bad for Delron as he felt not welcome by the Dortmund fans. He felt lost and was down. He needed something that could lift him to stand and ignore all the bad comments from fans.

Things went from bad to worse when he and his wife went shopping and were insulted by fans. Delron was even insulted when he was doing promotions for the club at schools and malls. There were a lot of negative comments directed towards him and it was more personal that football matters as it seemed he was the only one who was not doing well for the team. One of the fans even told him to leave the club and that he was the worst signing that Dortmund ever signed.

Delron felt into depression during that period as he had trouble sleeping and was a nervous wreck, being tormented by thoughts in his head telling him he was useless, a failure and the best solution was for him was to end his life. That is where he started planning to end his life and by that time it was much easier to plan ending his life than to plan for his career revival.

The reason he did not end his life was that he had a daughter Charlize as he thought that by ending his life he would be depriving Charlize of her dad and that seemed very scary for him as he has experience his childhood life without a father. He then decided not to continue with the thought of ending his life.

Buckley is currently involved in development structures with the South African Football Association.

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