A letter directed to Kaizer Chiefs management by fans

Our beloved Kaizer Chiefs Football Club has now become the laughing stock of South African football. The worse thing we cannot even argue with Pirates and Sundowns fans because as soon as we start arguing they point us to their star on the jersey and it keeps us quiet while they are having a conversation about the beautiful game of football.

Kaizer Chiefs was known to be the force in South African football and we feel pain each and every time we witness the fall of the team from the top to the lowest. We are very much concerned about any new plans regarding the team’s progress and if you are seeing what we are seeing.

We used to have the best players in the country and now we seem to be the ones with the worst players. Our team cannot even match the likes of Chippa United and Baroka FC. We do understand that the opposition teams have improved over the years but we are far left behind than most of the teams in the league.

We are not even on the mold of winning a trophy soon. We are no longer the Trophy Champions in the country, instead we are now playing for survival. If things remain this way for another season we might even kiss goodbye the PSL and play in the NFD.

Please make sure you fix all the problems from those responsible for buying players, the coach, technical team, the players, the team management and all other personnel involved in daily activities of the team.

If possible fire everyone and hire new staff to make sure you change the situation. Don’t trust too much your family and use most of your family members while there are qualified people out there who can take Chiefs from the current mess to the next glory days.

Bobby failing as a manager:

Bobby Motaung has been under the spotlight as Chiefs manager over the years. A lot of fans are not happy with him as Chiefs manager as they claim the team is not performing well because they don’t have quality players who are capable of winning trophies. Some fans are asking for Bobby to resign while some are asking for him to manage the team in the best way. Let us look at the questionable decisions done by Bobby Motaung as Chiefs manager:

  1. Letting Mandla Masango and Tefu Mashamaite go. How on earth do you allow your footballer of the year to leave the team immediately due to the fact that you cannot meet his financial demands? Tefu is one of the best defenders in the PSL and for Bobby to let him leave was a worse decision by a team manager especially when you are looking at adding more trophies to the team. Tefu Mashamaite is now back in the country with Supersport United. Mandla Masango as well, his financial demands were not met, so he left for smaller European teams. Fans are saying that a team manager must be able to replace a top player leaving the team, but Bobby failed to do so.
  2. The departure of Stuart Baxter. The English man won trophies with Chiefs and he was ready to be part of the team only if he would be provided the opportunity to bring his own players that he would be able to work with. Instead, he was not allowed to have a say in the signing of players and also he had no say about top players leaving. That is one of the reason he left Chiefs. He won trophies without depth in the team and he was under a lot of pressure. Again the same as Tefu Mashamaite, Baxter is back in the country now and coaching Supersport United after a short spell in Turkey.
  3. Expensive unnecessary players. Bobby managed to bring expensive players at Chiefs but they never showed their value to the team. Players like Morgan Gould, Siyanda Xulu and the extension of Siboniso Gaxa’s contract which was later terminated without Gaxa’s consent. Bobby is a bad decision making manager of all time, who can explain these signings?
  4. Signing of free players. Instead of spending on the team’s top targets, bobby waits for those free players who have been released by their teams. How can they perform at Chiefs while they failed to perform at the teams that released them? Only Booby can answer these questions.

Unplanned overhauling of the team. The team released a lot of players citing that those players were not good enough to deliver at Chiefs. They brought in a new bunch of players. Was Steve Komphela involved on who to be released and who to be signed? The answer is simple, no Steve was not involved, and he was just being informed of the new players coming in and the players leaving. If he was involved, he would have opted for top quality players that were available. Instead bobby went on to get free players and again went to Zimbabwe to buy cheap inexperienced players. In overhauling of every team, the technical team is responsible for that task, not the team manager

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