Orlando Pirates fans not happy Mobara could join Wits

Orlando Pirates are rumoured to be considering to using utility player Abbubaker Mobara to get their target, Bidvest Wits captain Thulani “Tyson” Hlatshwayo, in a swap deal.

It remains to be seen if the deal will materialise, but what is clear, though, is the fact that the Bucs faithful want nothing to do with the proposed swap deal as they want Mobara to stay put. Here’s what some posted:

“These rumours make me worried. Knowing how Pirates operate in the transfer market, I would not be surprised if such an ill-informed swap takes place. As much as I trust Khoza’s judgement, sometimes the transactions he allows to go through are just incomprehensive. How many quality players did we ship out in favour of oldies? Just refer to our goalkeeping department in recent times to see who we let go and who we brought in.” – Lucas (BAZOOKA)

“A 23-year-old for a 27-year-old, that’s absurd.” – majenz

“Mobara is going nowhere. Mark my words. Khoza is intelligent, he can’t use Mobara as bait for Thulani.” – Muhle9

“We don’t need madalas like Thulani here at Pirates. Mobara is the future of the Bucs ship.” – eliasmaloma@gmail.com

“A swap deal should see Dr Khoza and Floyd Mbele going to Wits and Thulani Hlatshwayo coming to Pirates.” – chiefs is useless

“Khoza, why not spice up the deal by adding Makola, Gabuza, Gcaba, Jele and Kutumela? If that’s the case, Wits can keep their Hlatshwayo and we will keep our Mobara, actually. #HandsOffMobara…” – BIG-MIKE14_VERSUS EDITOR ROUND3

“Swap with Gcaba at least and give them Jele as bonus.” – llumadi

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