Does Steve Kompela still have future with keizer Chiefs

It seems Amakhosi supporters are tired with Mr English, Although Keizer Chiefs won their encounter against Polokwane City last weekend,  supporters says is not enough as there has not been any improvements since he became the coach  team.

“We have good players whom when teamed perfectly and coached well we can score lots of goals , but with Mr English nothing is happening . We are no longer Amakhosi we are Amalooser . The guy must just throw in the towel and consider joining politics ,with his dictionary English he will do well.We want someone who will make our boys to score more goals”. – likhosiboy

‘We had so much hope when he joined the team , but now we are hopeless  and very disappointed .We will never win trophys. He is just not suitable for the team. find us someone. ” – khosikhosi

Do you also think he should start packing ?

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