“I’m not sure at the moment how I’m feeling,”

“Maybe I will figure it out a little bit later. This was a very tense game. I think we were seriously under pressure in the second half. I said this is a game where you just have to pray, get one counter and score. And if we score it at the right time, then it will be good for us.”

The Rockets mentor praised his side’s defensive application.

“I think the nerves were getting too much but defensively we stood firm,” said Malesela.

“That’s what teamwork is all about. When you are under pressure, you need someone to bail you out, you need the goalkeeper. They were more determined than we were. We looked a bit nervous but in the end credit must be given to the players because obviously this wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t give an effort.”

Malesela, who won the cup as a player with both Orlando Pirates and Sundowns, then shed some light on what he told Zakhele Lepasa before the 22-year-old converted the spot-kick to seal the victory.

“Well from where I was standing, I thought it was a penalty. Lepasa came to me and asked for water and asked me, ‘what do I do now?’. I said, ‘stay calm, do what you usually do.’ Because he usually scores his penalties, even at training so ‘do what you usually do’.”

The 53-year-old then explained why it was that he went straight to the fans instead of celebrating with his players at the final whistle.

“That’s why I went to the fans first. One thing came to my mind, ‘don’t go to the players first, go to the supporters.’ And I just wanted to celebrate with them and thank them for what they have done for us. Really helping us go through the season. It wasn’t easy, it was our first. And for us to achieve this, it’s really big and God is great. God is just so amazing. Really, really,” added Malesel

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