Rules changed in the Soweto Derby.

Carling Black Label confirmed that there has been a change in the rules leading up to the Soweto Derby.

The CBL Cup makes a return this year with its supporters-orientated Soweto Derby between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates at the FNB Stadium on July 27.


With a new launch, the CBL confirmed that there are new rules for the encounter.

“ – 4th substitution for Goalkeeper
Coaches will have an option of utilising a 4th sub; to replace the goalkeeper (injury or strategic)

– Fans select the Captain
Fans can vote on the captain; once the starting line-up has been confirmed

– Twitter selects a substitution 
Fans on Twitter can contribute to the selection of a substitute (in addition to SMS).

– Rolling Subs
3 -5 substitutes will have the opportunity to enter and exit the field of play, at any time (as per 5vs5)

– Yellow card timeout
Cautions (yellow card) will result in players sitting out of play (off-field) for 2-5 minutes

– Twitter selects Man of Match
Fans on Twitter will have the opportunity to contribute to the selection of the Man of the Match; by voting

– Mic on the ref
Ref wears a mic so that fans on TV can hear his interactions with the players,” CBL said in a press release.

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