Royal Eagles players are not being payed

Royal Eagles boss Morgan Mammila has failed to answer questions about not paying his players and instead turned the heat onto the whole PSL fraternity.

Struggling Eagles, who are rock-bottom of the GladAfrica Championship log, have reportedly not paid their players for March following what has been a controversial season right from the start.

It began with a change of leadership in August due to a family dispute that delayed the start of their GladAfrica Championship season as former co-owner Shauwn Mkhize (formerly Mpisane) split for Real Kings and took several Eagles players as well as head coach Joel Masutha with her.

The next coach Morena Ramoreboli then resigned in October along with general manager Richard Makhoba as well as the club’s team doctor, leaving new CEO Mammila with the enormous challenge of rescuing a depleted and demoralised club.

Eagles players, now under the guidance of Momcilo Medic, even downed tools last month and went on strike because of the issue of salaries – for which the club was charged by the PSL – before agreeing to resume their duties after some sort of compromise was reached.

Mammila has been left with the unenviable task of running a club with deep-rooted problems, with the football suspension in South Africa now making life even more difficult for administrators.

The former Baroka and Chippa United CEO urges the local football industry to use the lockdown to dig deeper into how the smaller NFD clubs can be assisted because it is not only Eagles who are struggling off the pitch.

“I wish this lockdown must be also used to look deep at our football, especially the GladAfrica Championship, how the community is helping in terms of its growth as there are many challenges,” Mammila tells

“Royal Eagles is not the only NFD team that is not doing well, there are many, but people want to be selective when they deal with issues. We must not kick a man when he is down! Instead, let’s help each other.”

Mammila dodges the big question of whether he has paid his players but admits that running a first division team is not easy for most of the owners in the league.

“There’s a lot of issues in the NFD, it’s not only Eagles who are having issues,” he reiterates.

“To run the team there it’s not cheap and easy. Not every team there has good financial muscles and there are maybe four [out of 16] that are stable.

“I wish the football community can focus on them to find out how they are doing things so they can help others that are struggling.”

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