Premier League star is in hot water

A Premier League star is in hot water after he broke coronavirus lockdown rules recently by hosting party at his apartment, which has left his club ‘appalled’.

Everton striker Moise Kean is in trouble after being caught on social media hosting a party with his friends at his apartment.

The Daily Star obtained videos posted to the player’s private Snapchat account, which showed the striker and his friends violating government rules.

All local gatherings in the United Kingdom have been prohibted to help fight the spread of the coronavirus, but the striker has now left his club extremely disappointed.

“Everton Football Club was appalled to learn of an incident in which a first-team player ignored government guidance and club policy in relation to the coronavirus crisis,” the club statement said.

“The club has strongly expressed its disappointment to the player and made it clear that such actions are completely unacceptable.

“Everton has regularly stressed the importance of following all the government guidelines – including rules and advice for inside and outside of the home – through a series of official communications to all staff members, including players.

“The amazing people in the NHS deserve the utmost respect for their hard work and sacrifice. The best way to show them respect is by doing everything we can to protect them.”

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