Sundowns Give Back To Supporters

A Mamelodi Sundowns group led by Tiyani Mabunda travelled through Tshwane to do their part in making a difference during these struggling times.

South Africa recently came out of level five of the nationwide lockdown and while the extreme measures were crucial to help fight the spread of COVID-19 in the country, many people have lost their jobs and were struggling to obtain their day to day needs.

However, Sundowns continued to do their part in helping to make a difference, with Mabunda recently travelling to parts of Tshwane to distribute food parcels.

“We are in a very difficult situation all over the globe and it’s important for us to stay united,” Mabunda said on Sundowns’ official website.

“We have built a very strong relationship with supporters and it extends past the field of play. This means we need to love and support each other. So we needed to make sure we are helping where we can to make sure people are looked after.”

“This is just to show them we love them as our supporters and we stand with them and we are still one and united during these tough times, we are one big family!” he added.

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